Golegã Lusitanian Horses National Fair

85 Euros

Come to Golegã during the S Martinho (6-15 November 2015), annual fair dedicated to the pure blood Lusitanian horses, and enjoy all the beauty and athleticism of horses of this breed.
Portuguese noble race, very versatile, increasingly appreciated worldwide, the Lusitanian horses can be used in bullfighting, at work, in sport and leisure. With the Vineyard Tours take a tour in the village comfortably installed in a dray pulled by horses (only for 6 persons). Visit the Church of Our Lady Mother (century XVI, Manueline style) and the Home-Studio Carlos Relvas, ancient photo studio of the XIXth century, unique in the world. The day would not be complete without experiencing drinking a cup of "abafadinho", a typical liqueur wine, and a local sweet: St Martin “pastel”, looking like a “pastel de nata”, but made with chestnuts.

8 hours
Must bring: 
Comfortable closed shoes; proper clothing to the station; hat or cap to protect from the sun.
Price per person. Minimum 2 persons. Drop in/ drop off; carriage ride free only for 6 persons; abafadinho and regional cake; bottle of water; driver/ guide in English, French or Portuguese. Lunch not included.
Largo e Romaria, Nuno Matos - FNC; Município da Golegã;