From 70 Euros

Between August and September are held the harvest in most of the producers. Some set aside a day to receive visitors and show them how unfolds the process of collecting the grapes and their preparation for fermentation. They provide visit to the vineyards, the wineries and the wine cellar. Anyone who wants can try to reap some bunches by hand, or even get the winepress, to participate in the traditional walk grape crushing by foot (pisa a pé). Then there is a beautiful regional lunch, with the producer's wines. Try it yourself! Come with us to harvest! Drop in and drop off at the hotel.

Take note that these events take place once a year and can only report a limited number of people, so it is very popular. Guarantee your seat. Book and signal already (50%) your participation in the grape harvest. It will be a fun and unforgettable day!

Harvest calendar:

- September 12, in the Lisbon region: 100 euros / pax; with included lunch, wine tasting, grape manual picking, grape stomping in the old mill, guided tour of the farm and its baroque gardens. Hat supply, t-shirt and bottle of wine. Duration of program: 9h30-16h30.

- September 12, in the Setúbal region: 70 euros / adults; 50 euros / children; Breakfast included, wine tasting, follow the manual and mechanized harvesting, as well as the entire process inside the winery; Process explanations given by winemaker. Maximum: 40 people sitting + 20. Duration: 9h30-16h30:

- September 12, in the Ribatejo region, Tagus wine: 60 euros / person; single morning without lunch; includes a visit to the vineyard, participation in the manual collection of the grape, visit to the cellar with explanation of the whole winemaking process, then wine tasting of several wines. Duration: 10h00-13h30.

- September 19, in the Setúbal region: 80 euros / person, with lunch included at the winery, visit the vineyard, grape picking, pressing of grapes by foot, visit the winery. Minimum 15 people, maximum 30. Programme duration will from 8 am until the end of lunch. Offer T-shirt, straw hat and customized miniature of a Muscatel bottle.

- September 19, in the west: 125 euros / pax with buffet welcome and coffee, vintage and visit the winery, lunch, foot treading, wine tasting and lanche.Mínimo 8 people, maximum 30. Length of program going from 9.30 to 18h. Offer hat, t-shirt and bottle of wine.

Half day or full day
Must bring: 
Comfortable shoes closed; proper clothing to the station; binoculars to observe wildlife.
Price per person; drop in/ drop off; travel in a van with air conditioning; bottle of water; driver/ guide in English, French or Portuguese, lunch.
Quinta do Casal Branco; Rogério Sarzedo; Município de Reguengos de Monsaraz; Enopoint.