Óbidos half day

70 Euros

Tourism tour around Lisbon to Óbidos is an ancient village surrounded by walls and medieval castle, located about 88 kms North of Lisbon. Inside the walls has centuries-old houses from all eras, as well as several churches and chapels with magnificent decorations. Voted one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, is classified as a national monument. It was once part of the dowry of several queens of Portugal, which is why it is called the Queens Village.
It was taken from the Moors in 1148 under King Sancho I and it was donated as a wedding gift by King Dinis (1279-1325) to Queen Santa Isabel. Since then, the village became part of the dowry of all the queens of Portugal until 1834.
It has traces of Lusitanian buildings (century IV bC), Romans (sec. I), visigods (century V-VI), Moorish (century VIII), Gothic style (century XIII-XV), Renaissance (century. XV-XVII) and Baroque (century XVIII).
We will walk through its streets with stone floor, meeting places which overlooks the wall, enjoy the old houses, the windows decorated with flowers and to enter into their churches. At Rua Direita (means Straight Street), the main artery that runs through the whole village, there are several shops with quality craftsmanship. In this street will take a Ginginha of Obidos, the typical village liquor, before returning to Lisbon

Must bring: 
Proper clothing to the station, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and hat.
Price per person. Minimum 2 persons or value of 2. Drop in/ drop off; van with air conditioning; Ginginha; no extras or fees inclusive.
Município de Óbidos