Queluz Palace half day

40 Euros

Half day tourism tour with private guide. Queluz Palace is one of the last great palaces built in Europe in the century XVIII, representative of the Baroque, Rocaille and Neoclassical styles. Visit this palace, admire its architecture, furniture, decoration and gardens is to make a real journey in time to the daily lives of the Portuguese court of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In one of the rooms of this palace - D. Quixote Room - was born (1798) and died (1834) D. Pedro IV, who was King of Portugal and first emperor of Brazil with the name of D. Pedro I. And in one of the palace areas lived D. Maria I, one queen who went insane and unable to govern because of the death of her husband and her eldest son.
The decor used is always magnificent and reflects, in several rooms, the prevailing aesthetic trend of the time it was drafted. The rooms of Princess Maria Francisca Benedita, the first half of the XVIIIth century, reflect the English, French and Portuguese influences in the Neo-Classical and Empire styles. The rooms of Robillion Pavilion, the last to be built, are those who most bear the oriental motifs (chinoiserie) characteristic of the rocaille, so fashionable in the second half of the XVIIIth century.
They are also highlighting the paintings existing cool in this Palace (Hall of Açafatas); the coverage with mirrors, stucco and gilded woodwork (Vanity Queen, Throne Room); the parquet of exotic wood from Brazil and paintings on wood (Room D. Quixote); the tiles (Corridor of Mangas). But not only: there are the antique furniture, carpets, tapestries, pictures and engravings, chandeliers, china and musical instruments.
In the magnificent gardens, geometrically worked, there are sculptures in stone and bronze designed by the English sculptor John Cheere, lakes and waterfalls of French architect Robillon and more sculptures from the Italian Ercole Ferrata. Most of the statues representing characters from classical mythology and the seasons. Without forgetting the tiles channel with about 200 meters long, in which the court boat walked with water from the river Jamor.

Must bring: 
Proper clothing to the station, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and hat.
Price per person. Departures from Cascais + 10 euros and from Ericeira + 20 euros. Drop in/ drop off; van with air conditioning; no extras or fees inclusive (tickets 10€ adults; 6,5€ children).
Palácio de Queluz (Parques de Sintra/ Carlos Pombo); Palácio de Queluz, Sala do Trono (Parques de Sintra/ Carlos Pombo); Palácio de Queluz, Quarto D. Quixote (Parques de Sintra/ Carlos Pombo); Palácio de Queluz, Sala dos Embaixadores (Parques de Sintra/Carlos Pombo); Palácio de Queluz, Jardim (Parques de Sintra/ Carlos Pombo)