Sintra and Colares Cellar half day

95 Euros

In this tour of wine tourism we will go to Sintra, a charming village on the outskirts of Lisbon, very green, full of gardens and parks with trees and exotic plants. It has a Moorish castle on top of a cliff, palaces and cottages in various slopes and valleys that surround it.

We´ll go inside the National Palace of Sintra, located in downtown part of the village, distinguished for its two huge white chimneys. It´s Moorish origin (X century) and was subject of multiple expansions until the century XVI. It has also been real housing over many centuries, since the time of King D. Dinis (sec. XIII). Great testimony of several architectural styles, ranging from the Spanish-Moorish to the Renaissance and the gothic-manueline. The inside is equally well stuffed of furniture and decorative objects from medieval times onwards, including Hispanic-Arab tiles, crockery and magnificent decorative paintings.

Next we´ll go to Colares, located 10 minutes from Sintra, demarcated region for wine production (DOC) since 1908. It is also the westernmost terroir of continental Europe, buffeted by strong Atlantic winds, the high salinity of the air, extreme humidity and the constant fog. In this unique terroir are cultivated vineyards in the sand, about 1 km from the Atlantic coast, with noble and indigenous grape varieties such as red Ramisco and the white Malvasia. These vineyards are special because they are the oldest in Portugal, called "primitive" - that means  vines wich have never been budded on American vine, because the type of soil in which they are rooted resist to the plague of phylloxera. This terroir also grows up in "hard ground" in limestone land, with preference for white varieties like Malvasia, Jampal, Galego Dourado and Fernão Pires.

Visit Adega Regional de Colares, founded in 1931, in a massive building of the nineteenth century with hundreds of wooden casks and able to store about 50 percent of the total production of wines of the region. Prove one white and one red, accompanied by a Queijadinhas of Sintra, typical cookies.

This is a half-day tour, but with possibility of full-day for an extra 20 euros/ person (In full-day option, the cost of lunch and other entries in monuments is for the client account).

Half day or one day
Must bring: 
Comfortable clothing suitable to the season, comfortable shoes; in summer, sunglasses, sunscreen.
Price per person. Minimum of 2 persons or the value of 2. Drop-in/ drop off; van with air conditioning; It includes entrance ticket to the palace; wine tasting, Queijadinhas de Sintra.
CM Sintra (Adega Regional de Colares; Vinhas primitivas de Colares); Palácio Nacional de Sintra (Parques de Sintra, EMIGUS); Palácio Nacional de Sintra, Sala dos Cisnes (Parques de Sintra, Cláudio Marques); Palácio Nacional de Sintra, Sala das Pêgas (Parques de Sintra, Luís Pavão).