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Sintra Pena Palace

60 Euros

Unforgettable short tour of Sintra, the most romantic and charming historic village of Portugal, UNESCO list of cultural landscape. This tour is intended for those who have little time, so it only includes one visit: to the Pena Palace, considered the most beautiful palace of Europe. The remaining monuments will be seen only from the outside (panoramic tour).
Sintra is surrounded by rocky hills, topped by a castle, populated by beautiful palaces and mansions of the century. XIX, as well as having a forest park that includes trees and exotic plants from several continents.
The head of its highest point we have the Moorish Castle, century X, originally built by the Muslims and expanded after the Christian reconquest. On the other hill next there is the exuberant Palace of Pena, considered the most beautiful palace of Europe, which brings together diferent architectural styles and symbols of the Portuguese past, including the Gothic-Manueline and the Cross of the Order of Christ. Ordered the construction in the century XIX by king Consort Fernando II, taking advantage of the ruins of the ancient monastery of Our Lady of Pena, of the century XVI, which remains the original cloister. It was inhabited by the last kings of Portugal - D. Carlos de Bragança and Amelia of Orleans - of which you can still see many memories during the visit to the palace, as in the case of its rooms, bathrooms, painting studio, paintings, photographs and other personal items. The entire interior of the palace is rich in decoration with tiles, stucco, ornamental stones, European and exotic furniture, porcelains of different origins, among many other objects worthy of interest.

Must bring: 
Comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.
Price per person. Drop-in/ drop off; van with air conditioning. Does not include entrance ticket to the palace (adults € 14, children 6-17 years € 12,5). Departures from Cascais + 10 euros and from Ericeira + 20 euros..
Palácio da Pena (Parques de Sintra/ NES); Palácio da Pena, Sala Árabe (Parques de Sintra/ Emigus); Palácio da Pena, Exposicão vidros e vitrais (Parques de Sintra/ LuisPavão); Palácio da Pena, Salão Nobre (Parques de Sintra/ MJS); Palácio da Pena (Parques de Sintra/ Emigus).