Ericeira and Jampal exclusive wine half day

75 Euros

Half-day tour that begins with a walk in the picturesque fishing village of Ericeira, to enjoy the magnificent view of the sea, the beaches, the old churches and fountains, as well as their typical houses. Then we went to the typical village of Cheleiros, further south, to prove a white wine made from a grape variety originating from this region and that is unique in the world: the single variety Jampal.

This guided tour begins in Ericeira, located 8 kms from Mafra and 50 kms from Lisbon, whose historic center is a beautiful cluster of traditional houses, predominantly white and blue or tiled. Being a fishing village we can see in some homes the fish drying up, especially rays, hanging from ropes. In the narrow streets we also find some interesting fountains, the old pillory, churches and chapels of the century XVII, the Fort of Our Lady of the Nativity (century. XVIII), traces of Milreu Fort (which left a cannon) and a few elegant buildings.

The village had its heyday in the century. XIX, when its port was one of the busiest in the country. However, it will remain forever in history as the place where the last king of Portugal, Don Manuel II, and the queen-mother, Dona Amelia, boardered into exile in England in 1910, after the abdication of the throne in following a republican revolution. Ericeira today is an important tourist spot, not only the beaches but also by the waves because it was considered the world reserve surf. Its regional cake are the Ouriços (the sea urchins), that we will taste.

About 20 kms south of Ericeira is a picturesque village of Cheleiros, where we will visit the museum and cellar of Manzwine. This modern premium wine producer recovered in 2007 an indigenous white grape variety in the region, Jampal, who was practically extinct and of which there were only 200 vines in the near field. It is estimated that the abandonment of this variety has been due to his low profitability. But the producer did not intend to quantity but quality. Recovered this old vineyard and multiplied strains with modern methods, the Manzwine produces a single variety that is unique in Portugal and worldwide. Today, has the only certified vineyard of this variety. The single variety Jampal - Dona Fatima - became a commercial success, grossing international recognition, being a wine that you cannot fail to taste.

Half day
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Comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes; in Summer sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.
Price per person. Minimum 2 persons. Drop in/ drop off; van with air conditioning; wine tasting and Ouriço (cake) included.
Vinha de Jampal de Cheleiros (Manzwine); Ericeira, Edifício da biblioteca (CM Mafra), Ericeira, Igreja da Misericórdia (CM Mafra); Adega Manzwine em Cheleiros (Manzwine).